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DEC Register Your Child for 2020-2021 School Year

UPDATED 7/1/2020

LES/LMS Registration is now open.

Registration packets are available online (see school registration buttons above) or can be picked up at either school. 
School sites are open Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm.

Your child must be registered with LES/LMS in order to receive educational services.

Dear LES/LMS Parents:


Back to School time is quickly approaching.  There are still many unknowns about the spread and mitigation of the coronavirus. LDoE is hard at work planning for the beginning of the new school year.  What school will look like in the Fall and in the weeks and months that follow is currently under development.  The plan for School Re-Opening will be posted on our website and communicated to parents on July 20, 2020.  Just know that student and staff safety is our top priority, along with providing a quality educational experience.


Models for Teaching and Learning 

LES/LMS is considering opening schools with one of these models for instruction:

  1. Distance (At-Home) Learning for all students
  2. On Site/At Home Rotations – bringing in ½ the student body 2 days a week and then the other ½ of the student body on 2 days a week.  On days when students are not in school, they would be provided with at-home learning opportunities (total of 3 days/week).


We don’t know yet which model we will use to start the school year but our school staffs are already planning and preparing so that we will be ready to deliver instruction to your child(ren) in a safe and engaging way.


School Re-Open Plan

LDoE staff regularly discusses how to reopen school in a safe and effective way.  We have developed plans to address the items listed below.  The list below is not everything we have discussed but rather to show you the scope of things we are considering.

  • Transportation
    • Temperature checks for students prior to boarding the bus
    • Social distancing and PPE at bus stops and on the bus
  • Meals
    • Social distancing in the cafeteria at tables and in serving lines
    • Food safety and precautions
    • Delivering meals to students who are at home for distance learning in addition to those at school
  • Safety, Hygiene & Sanitation
    • Ensuring that all areas of the facilities are cleaned thoroughly with special attention to commonly used areas (bathrooms, classrooms, etc.)
    • Limiting access to buildings and conducting temperature checks of visitors
    • Frequent opportunities for students to learn and practice hygiene
  • Logistics of Social Distancing and Protective Equipment
    • Providing PPE for students and staff
    • Controlling movement across the school to limit student interactions with non-classmates
    • Addressing social distancing in common areas such as cafeteria, bus, gym
  • Emotional Wellbeing
    • Building relationships and connections to students
    • Helping students transition from an abrupt end to last school year into the start of the new school year
    • Addressing the feelings of anxiety and concern from the unknown, the virus, and re-engaging outside the home after months of staying at home
  • Essential Learning
    • Meeting the needs of all learners through online and in-person learning
    • Ensuring students keep the skills and knowledge they have learned while building and growing additional skills and knowledge as we look towards the future



Communication is an important part of our School Re-opening plan. Please make sure that LES/LMS has your most recent contact information so that we can keep you informed. As information becomes available, we will communicate this information via SchoolMessenger, our website (, the marquee, and Facebook.  Parents are also encouraged to call the school (LMS:  552-9091 or LES:  552-9200) with any questions.


Our plan is constantly evolving and will be revised as situations change.  We are following the guidelines of the Pueblo, as well as the guidelines of the CDC and the BIE, and we are always looking at the best ways to address the needs of students, staff, and our community.


Current Information:

  • Registration is open.  Students must be registered to receive educational services.
  • The registration packets for LES/LMS are the same.  However, each child must have a completed packet.
  • Registration packets can be accessed online ( or picked up at the school.
  • School Re-Open information will be published on July 20.  This information will provide specifics on how and when we will be reopening to students and delivering instruction.


Please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions.


Sincerely,                                                                    Sincerely,

Patricia Sandoval, Superintendent                              Holly Gurule, Principal


The opening of DEC centers is contingent upon the approval of the Laguna Department of Education and the Pueblo of Laguna Governor's Office.  As of today, a final decision has not been made that DEC has the approval to open  centers on July 27th.  The Laguna Department of Education Board will hold their regular board meeting on July 15th to review the Return to School protocol. LDOE administration and board will hold several community forums to gather parent/community input.  An up to date on the decision to re-open DEC centers will be provided after the LDOE Board meeting.  We are being very diligent as we move forward; your children's health and safety is priority.  

LDOE Communication Plan

Many of you have posed questions that merit a response from LDOE. In our effort to respond to these questions, we have established a timeline as to when the responses will be available. Many of our responses are contingent upon decisions made by our funding agencies. We will continue to do our best to respond to the questions.

All of the LDOE departments (DEC, LES, LMS, and PFS) are supported by federal program dollars. Each of these federal programs have their own regulations that we must adhere to as part of our service delivery. These federal funders also have a say on how we administer our programs during this time of the Corona Virus Pandemic. We feel confident that we can begin to prepare information for release to the public.

If you are experiencing difficulties with accessing the information on the LDOE website, please contact our IT Department at: or 505-552-3080.

Below you will find a timeline at which information will become accessible on our website and Facebook page. The School Messenger system will also send an alert when the information is available.

 Program Information Date Available
 Summer Food Program May 15th
 LES & LMS Transition Events May 15th
 LES & LMS Grade Advancement May 15th
 LES & LMS End of Year Grades May 15th
 DEC Registration for 2020-2021 June 1st
 DEC Transition Event June 22nd
 LES & LMS Registration for 2020-2021 July 1st 
 DEC - Beginning of New School Year July1st
 LES & LMS - Beginning of New School Year July 20th 
 PFS School Supplies Distribution June 8th 
 PFS Direct Scholarship Information June 8th 

We continue to pray for your safety and well-being during this time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Administrative Offices at 505-552-6008.

LDOE Administrative Staff

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About Us

Laguna Department of Education


Reflecting the importance we place on the integration of the Laguna language and culture into our programs, our mission statement is expressed in our Keres language and though there is no literal translation, in English it is stated as:

"Helping People Prepare for Life's Journey"

Vision Statement
Academic excellence develops successful life-long learners by demonstrating that we:

  • Create exemplary environments that maximize staff and student satisfaction toward academic excellence
  • Are rooted in love and respect
  • Embrace our history, traditions, and culture by respecting our Laguna perspective to maximize holistic learning and bi-cultural prosperity/success
  • Recognize learning opportunities from infancy through adulthood
  • Encourage and demonstrate community support for self-sufficiency
  • Are the school of choice for Laguna students & parents
  • Are a nationally recognized educational system

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